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JupiterMeet: Paving a way ahead of Google Meet & Skype web

Video communication is one of the most effective ways of communication that made us sustain this whole situation of the COVID outbreak. From official video conferencing of corporate culture to the new family video meetups, our interaction ideas have changed significantly in the last two years. Regardless of the generations, almost everyone knows Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype Web, WhatsApp Web, etc. Though the news supports the decline in the COVID cases, we can witness the shift in the corporate culture. Some companies have adapted to remote work, some support work-life balance with the hybrid work culture. To unify the experience of physical & virtual meetups while supporting this remote work culture, we have JupiterMeet for you.

What is JupiterMeet?

JupiterMeet is a peer-to-peer real-time audio & video conferencing solution designed to personalize your communication requirements. You can get it installed on your server, with a dedicated signaling server to set your own video conferencing solution. It lets you host your meetings in your own way without any third-party software solutions or APIs. Have complete control over your video conferences, keep track of your meetings, set your themes, secure communication & manage your signal monitoring tool your way. Strengthen your branding standards by launching your personalized video conferencing solution with JupiterMeet.

Create Interactive Video Conferencing Experiences

  • Attractive dashboard: Organize your meetings without any hassles with an attractive dashboard. You can create & manage your meetings, send invites, get shareable links and keep a log of your meetings.  
  • In-built Chat: Manage all business conversations centrally & keep your team in the team in loop with the in-built chat feature. You can convey the required messages and easily keep everything in sync. 
  • File Share: Share the required documents in meetings & keep all the necessary information aligned with the easy file sharing option. 
  • Easy Screen Share: Save time & bring everyone’s attention to the points in the limelight with an instant screen sharing feature. You can choose the screen/window you like to share with your viewers to minimize the hassles & ease the team’s collaboration. 
  • Whiteboard: Now, you can make instant collaborations, share your thoughts & communicate them more ideally with your team using web whiteboards. You can enhance your communications utilize the whiteboard for tutorials, & timed sales analysis for analytical discussions. 
  • Hand raise: Even without any disruptions, you can make the conferences and meetings interactive with the hand raise feature. Encourage participation of all the participants without any chaos. 

Secure your Video Meetings with JupiterMeet

  • Set meeting password: Protect your confidential conversations by setting a meeting password & share only with your invitees over a meeting invitation. Let only your selective panel of members join your discussion. 
  • Moderator Rights: Have complete control over your video meetings with moderator access. You can decide the participants you want in the meeting & remove them further as the discussion progresses and you want to connect with a higher team through interaction only. 
  • Enable/disable guest mode: Let your users host meetings without user login enabling guest mode. Likewise, you can disable it and restrict their rights of meeting conduction only after user login. 

How does JupiterMeet stand ahead of third-party conferencing like Google Meet, Web Skype?

Make the most out of your virtual meetups & conferences; you can create meetings, organize events & even monetize your video conferences with JupiterMeet. 

  • Personalize your theme: Change the look & feel of your web conferencing solution to meet your branding standards with JupiterMeet’s customization. You can change the default theme & choose the color palette that blends with your brand. 
  • White label: Now, you can unlock white-label access for your web conferencing solutions and host your unlimited video calls & setup conferences leveraging our powerful admin panel. 
  • No-time limits: We don’t like to bar your conversations anyway. You can host as many video chat meetings as you want without any timing restrictions. 
  • Video quality selection: Experience jitter-free video conferencing with a video quality selection feature. Suppose you are in a remote location with network issues. In that case, you can downgrade your video quality for deterioration-free audio delivery. 
  • Start earning with Meetings: Now, you can charge your users to host video meetings or attend the event that you are conducting. With JupiterMeet’s extended license, you can integrate a payment gateway to your video conferencing solutions and collect payments from your participants.

Get Started With JupiterMeet

Now that you know everything about JupiterMeet, you must be looking for a way to try it on your own. Click here to get a free demo for the admin section & user-end accounts navigating to the demo mode. You can conduct a few meeting sessions with JupiterMeet absolutely for free! 

To host JupiterMeet officially for your business, you can opt for the regular & extended license. Conduct unlimited meetings without any time limit. 

So, what are you waiting for? Try JupiterMeet now!

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